Teach Us To Number Our Days – Kailee Bridges Update

This past Monday was supposed to be Kailee Bridges’ last day here with us this side of eternity. God had other plans though.

Kailee, who was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (an aggressive bone cancer) last fall, was quickly losing a battle to an intense C-Diff infection that was a side effect of this cancer. The doctors at Strong Hospital proposed a high risk emergency surgery they described as “a heroic attempt to save her life.” The staff in ICU prepared the family to say their goodbye’s to Kailee. With heavy hearts and tear filled eyes we prayed and committed Kailee to God’s will.

Kailee came through the surgery.

She has been so strong in this battle. Monday was a victory, but the war wages on. Just two weeks ago on her 20th birthday, Kailee was told her cancer is inoperable. A hard road lies before her. She remains in ICU. The cancer remains and cannot be treated until she heals from the surgery. But Kailee remains too. God still wants her here with us.

Moses wrote in Psalm 90 “So teach us to number our days that we might gain a heart of wisdom.” Kailee’s journey ought to cause each of us to ponder the same. None of us knows the number to our days. And then what? What comes when we arrive at that number? The wisdom Moses speaks of is knowing how to live here on this earth, knowing there is a number. If nothing else, let Kailee’s life touch you and cause you to consider “and then what?” Because you know what? Life passes by and if we are not careful we miss it and we miss what God desires most, our hearts.

These kinds of wars often come with collateral damage. The family must journey along side Kailee and they too come under fire in all this. God’s grace has been sufficient, but please keep the whole family in your prayers.

A few weeks back we posted a video titled “Worn” for Kailee. The response to this video has been incredible, so we are re-posting it to encourage your prayers.

13 thoughts on “Teach Us To Number Our Days – Kailee Bridges Update

  1. Dear family of Kailee Bridges.;
    Please know that it is with a heavy heart that I write this response,,as my family has been going through our own personal battle with cancer in our 26 year-old daughter. Like Kailee,she is a new mom and she was diagnosed just before Christmas with Stage4 colo-rectal cancer. She is being treated at the Wilmot Cancer Center at Strong too. Her 23 year-old brother was taking her to treatments and helping her out with her baby while I worked. 2 weeks ago,he became ill with the flu and because of his Type 1 diabetes, he went into diabetic ketoacidosis so severe it caused him to go into cardiac arrest and he lost his life. I am not saying all these things so that you feel sorry for me,but want to encourage you that God hears your prayers and the prayers of all of those who are crying out for Kailee. Our son was taken on into eternity and we are heart broken to the core,but God in His infinite mercy is healing our daughter and she is responding to her treatments. I am praying for Kailee and her baby girl and all of her family for a miraculous healing to happen. Just because my son didnt get a miracle and come back to us,doesn’t diminish God’s sovereign power and might in the least. Stay strong for your daughter and never give up believing in miracles.
    Sincerely yours,
    Donna Steverson

  2. I am so sorry for your loss and your ongoing heartache and endeavors but am over whelmed by your continued strength – may God Bless…

  3. Prayers continue for all of you. Not a day goes by that you all are not thought of in this house. Kailee is an insperation to us all and so is the strong family bond you all have. Thank you for sharing your personal lives with us all here in Warsaw and all over. I have added all of you to my prayer group. Please stay strong and never give up. The power of pray is very strong and comforting. God bless you all.
    With many prays to all of you,
    Wendy Fairchok and family

  4. Praying for you sweet, dear Kailee. You are continually in our thoughts every single day. We are praying for strength for Justin and your family.
    Charlie and Sandi Duckworth

  5. Kailee and family your in our hearts and prayers always. The strength that you all have is amazing. Thank you for sharing your story. I glad to have met you. I know I haven’t met you in person, but I have in your story, video and prayer. My daughter’s name is also LiLi. I hope that bring some good luck somehow. with prayer and love Shirley & LiLiana Albion

  6. The Russell family in Marcellus, NY (Mark Guinan is our nephew) & our church family are praying for Kailee. God still works miracles today, and we are believing for one for your precious Kailee.

  7. My prayers are with you Kailee. Please know God is carry you throughout this, I sent out a prayer request around the world. Please hang tough. I know God in with you. Lord Father God anoint Kailee, please heal her to allow the team of doctor to start her treatments. Anoint her doctors with the knowledge to place the right medical attention. Bless her family with much needed low, strength a endurance you are with them.

    Lord, God you gave me the breath of life, five times beating this disease and you have a plan for me. You have plan for each of us. Please keep Kailee with us. Bless her to walk and speak of your healing. Let Kailee be your voice of miracle healing. Lord, place upon her you strength, determination, and gracious anointing for recovery to show you are our Blessed redeemer. .

    In Jesus Name

    Marjorie Bower
    CWO3, USN (ret)
    Gainesville/Virginia Beach

    • I am sorry for the clerical errors. I.e. low is love, strength and endurance for you are with them. Using iPad ii it is difficult. Know my prayers and everything is with Kailee and her family,

  8. My prayers are with your family as you go through this most difficult season in your life!! I am praying for your healing and the family to have the strength and peace of the Lord!!!

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