Touching Lives (Even If Only For A Moment)

Yvette Block was battling cancer and largely alone with little family around for support. One day while at her doctor’s office for an appointment, she saw a brochure. The brochure spoke of help and hope for those with cancer. She picked one up and read through it and called the number on the brochure. She was hoping to find someone who could come along side her in this fight for her life.

ReMissionCounselingThe brochure was one of our ReMission brochures from our cancer ministry. The number led her to Gayle Waldron and eventually here to Grace.

Gayle met with Yvette and determined she did know the Lord as her Savior. She then asked Diane Stroud one of the cancer ministry “students” if she would come along side Yvette and minister to her and begin some discipleship with her. A relationship was formed and Yvette began attending services faithfully here at Grace last December. Yvette was even able to join our ladies for the Christmas party.

Recently, Yvette’s cancer took a turn for the worse.  The cancer has proved too strong for her body. Yvette will soon be put in hospice care. Her time here is short. Our time with her was short but God allowed us to touch her life briefly because of our cancer ministry. We rejoice in having confidence in Yvette’s salvation.

But for many others who wait in doctors’ offices, their confidence in what will happen to them should cancer prove too strong, is far less certain. This is why our cancer ministry exists. To give a clear message of spiritual healing even if there is no physical healing. To offer love and support to those who are hurting. To touch lives even if only for moment.

Here is an address  for Yvette (we can make sure she gets cards sent there even if she is in hospice). Take a moment and send a brief note to her, but do it today. We do not have long to touch a life.

Yvette Block 9432 Putnam Rd. Batavia, NY 14020.

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