Worn ~ A Video For Kailee Bridges

Cancer is a battle of endurance. Along the way one can become “worn” by this battle. Kailee Bridges is undergoing her fourth round of Chemo this weekend. Next up is a scan to help determine the next course of action. The options are between bad and worse. This is a daunting position for anyone to be in. Especially someone who has yet to even turn 20.

Saturday night the Wyoming & Warsaw Communities along with several from the Grace Baptist family will gather at the Wyoming School to eat some spaghetti and to help raise support for Kailee. (Read more about Kailee’s cancer story here). Here is a video I hope will inspire you to pray for Kailee, her husband Justin and their 2 month old baby girl Lilly.

5 thoughts on “Worn ~ A Video For Kailee Bridges

  1. Hello~ I was Kailee’s nurse when she came into the ER. I remember that day fully. After my shift ended I followed through learning of your dx. I was heartbroken for you and your family…. And since then have wondered how you were and what came of your baby. From the pictures I see… She is beautiful! I pray you stay strong and continue to fight. Thoughts & prayers with you and all of your family.

  2. What a beautiful testimony and reminder to pray for continued strength and will to fight for life. May God give you His peace and perseverance.

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