Drop Your Nets (Sneak Peek To Sunday)


Jesus trained 12 ordinary men to change the world. For at least 4 of those 12 men it all began with dropping their nets.

Jesus comes calling in the middle of our lives, inviting us to something bigger, something better, something out of the reach of our minds but not our faith. This is an invitation to far more than just accepting Him and liking Him. This is an invitation to follow Him and be like Him. This is an invitation to drop our nets and pursue the better things of life.

Oh, to believe in something so large and magnificent as Christ Himself; demands a cost to my life. To drop my nets, to forsake all, and to follow Him will come at the cost of my pride and self comfort. It’s a cost Jesus rightly declared many are not willing to pay. Narrow is the way to life but to those who accept this invitation comes life more abundantly.

What is there that you love so much, that you love Jesus less than it? Is Jesus asking you to drop whatever that is and follow Him instead? Do it, drop your nets, and never look back in regret ever again.

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