Parent Connect – Music Video And Much More

It has been a while since we have posted a Parent Connect. Trust the following variety of items will be a blessing to you today.

First up, from Brenda Oltz and our Children’s Church Ministry


As many of you know,Greg and Holly Reinhardt are adopting a little girl,named Rahmeto
and a little boy named Esayas. They are from Ethiopia  They will eventually be in our Children’s Church group.

Greg & Holly in Ethiopia

Greg & Holly in Ethiopia

We would like to put together a welcome gift bag full of Children’s books for them. I have asked each child in our group to bring in a gently used book from home. The reason for this, verses a new book is they are sharing something of their own. This will make the sharing experience more real to our children in our group. We will however accept new ones too. Please remember that Rahmeto and Esayas are new to our culture and language. With that in mind,please keep to the more traditional kinds of books. Please no Super Hero or such along those lines. Bible stories are great.

We will be collecting them through the month of February. There will be a tote bag in our room to put them in. Any questions,please feel free to get a hold of me.
Thank you. Brenda Oltz

This song is especially for the husbands and fathers out there.

An interesting blog post based on an article describing the four main groups various families fall into. If your into current cultural trend kind of stuff this is good short read. Church & Culture Blog

From the Word of God for parents:

I will teach my children to fear You, O Lord,

Who are they who love life and desire many days

that they may see good?

They are to keep their tongues from evil

and their lips from speaking guile.

They are to depart from evil and do good

to seek peace and pursue it.

Your eyes, O Lord, are on the righteous,

and Your ears are attentive to their cry.

(Psalm 34:11-15)

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