Praying Things Through

This past Wednesday night was more of a celebration than an annual business meeting. Honestly, shouldn’t that be true of Church meetings! If anyone should gather and be able to celebrate shouldn’t it be those who belong to the victorious One?

And what was there to celebrate?

the completion of our building project. A tremendous step of faith by a group of people who believed God could do more through them. And He is!

new life. God has drawn many to our new building but even more important, He is drawing many to faith who have come to hear the gospel.

a man and his family being called to the mission field. The church unanimously supported moving forward towards ordaining missionary, Eric Kosiorek, before he leaves for the ripe harvest of Togo, Africa.

wise stewardship. The trustees have wisely manged finances to transition us through the building project and this year’s budget. The church unanimously supported the new budget.

investing in young lives. Not only were we able to continue to give assistance to college students; we were able to pray around and pray for our young people.

Whew! That’s a lot to give praise and thanks to God for, but you know what? Beyond all that it was a celebration of the glory of God and His reputation.

As you can see from the picture below; we gathered around and prayed, and prayed and prayed. Something we do at our Annual Business Meeting.

God forgive us when we cease to depend on You.

By your grace, might we always pray things through!


One thought on “Praying Things Through

  1. I was blessed beyond words. Another one of those precious moments with my church family that I will tuck away in my heart…

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