Fighting The Good Fight

Next week is the 40th anniversary of Roe V. Wade. Just 6 months ago New York State legalized gay marriage. This past week New York State passed the SAFE Act legislation which largely deals with tightening policies around the purchase of guns and ammunition while strengthening the privacy of gun owners. Which one of these do you think is drawing the most energy, passion and commentary from Christians? Right, guns. Which of these does the Bible address as a moral issue of sin. Hmmm, right, not guns.

Now that I have caused 1/3 of the subscribers to this blog to unsubscribe, allow me to lay out a few caveats. I’m not for banning guns. I support the right we have in this country to own a gun for safety and sporting purposes. But that is not my point.

My point is which of the issues above should we as Christians be the most passionate about? Notice I said Christians not Americans.

When it comes to politics I often hear people around me say, “We should just stick to what the Bible says and not get caught up in politics. Politics is secular man’s business. Not the Lord’s work.” O.K. So let’s do that.

Let’s get fired up about what the Bible gets fired up about. Does the Bible get fired up about what weapons we as Christians should be allowed to own? How about homosexuality? Let’s try the killing of the innocent?

Read me closely, I’m not saying the action of our State government this past week with the SAFE Act is not without concern and deserves careful consideration and critique by the citizens. But as a Christian; does your heart break more for the thousands of abortions that take place every year in this state or for how hard it will be to buy large rounds of ammunition? Does your heart break more for a state that sees no moral problems with homosexuality or for that gun you would’ve never owned anyway that the state now says you can’t own?

The response I hear is this; “But this is just the first step towards repealing the 2nd Amendment! We have to stand up for our rights now before we lose them.” Yup, probably. As an American I agree. As a Christian though, I’m concerned more for righteousness than rights. You lay all of those down when you pick up your cross.

Jesus’ kingdom is not of guns. Our battle is a spiritual one. Our weapons are the Sword of Truth and prayer. Not as manly sounding as knowing how to handle a .223 rifle, but in God’s eyes, it is in fact, more manly.

Fight the good fight, and pray that women and men would not see abortion as the answer. Pray that God would change the hearts and minds of those who are physiologically confused. Invite someone you know to church. If time allows after you’ve done those, email or call your representative about what can be done to protect the 2nd amendment.

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