Over 1,000 Attend “Peace, Hope & Joy”

Only God could have timed what took place this past weekend at Grace.

Over 1,000 people attended the Christmas Cantata “Peace, Hope & Joy” this past weekend at Grace. All of those people heard a pre-recorded testimony of Mary Stryker from September of this year. Mary’s 4 year battle with breast cancer came to an end during the very presentations she would be sharing her own testimony of peace hope and joy. But that battle was really won by Mary with her triumphant testimony of the saving power of Jesus Christ. And only God could orchestrate the timing!

Even in the midst of heavy hearts here at Grace all weekend; God showed himself strong through all who performed. Jesus Christ was lifted up and magnified through song, words and yes, Mary’s home going testimony!

Here are some pictures from Sunday morning courtesy of Aimee Dawson.

2 thoughts on “Over 1,000 Attend “Peace, Hope & Joy”

  1. “Hope endures because God’s promises remain true, no matter what!” Mary wrote this on Nov. 29th @ 4:23pm….today around 4pm….she was on the receiving end of that promise!

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