Mary Did You Know? (In Memoriam)

I am posting (again) what was by far the most viewed post ever on the blog in honor of the home going of Mary Stryker. This time I’ve a added a video from this past September when her son returned home from Afghanistan.

This Christmas will be a unique one for our church family. While we celebrate the coming of the Savior at the same time we are saying goodbye (for now) to a dear sister. Fittingly to this Christmas season, her name is Mary.

Mary Stryker is finishing the race God has given her. She will soon claim her prize for being a faithful runner, the crown of life. Her faith will be sight, and her hope reality!

Recently, Mary asked my wife and I to come and see her and in essence to say goodbye.  As part of our visit I shared with her something I wrote. I took the Christmas song “Mary Did You Know?” and rewrote the words to pay honor to her. Here it is.

Mary Did You Know?

Mary did you know, that your life would someday touch so many?

Mary did you know, that your life would be used to give God such glory?

Did you know that your weakness strengthened the faith of others?

In this life you have blessed so many sisters and brothers


Mary did you know, that your life is not measured by the years

Mary did you know, that your life would be filled with so many tears

Did you know that heartache could actually heal the soul

And lead the lost to find their name on the scroll


A life too great, a spirit too strong, cannot be bound to this world

A song to sing, a praise to shout, until the world has heard


Mary did you know, that your life will so long out live you?

Mary did you know, that your life will speak a much louder truth?

Did you know that God chose you to display His grace

And then depart from us with joyous heaven gained

One of Mary’s great passions and joy was directing VBS here at Grace. This picture from 2005 with co-director Sue Underwood (right) is how I will remember her. Thank you Mary for investing yourself in so many others!

vbs2 005

2 thoughts on “Mary Did You Know? (In Memoriam)

  1. Mary was my daughters girl scout leader and a truly amazing woman. Can you post her testomony that was shown in your Christmas program?

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