Merry Christmas Miss Kari

Kari Shirk lives life at full speed. She has truly embraced this adventure called life. And as her home church we are thrilled she has.

For over 2 years we have had the privilege of supporting Kari as she ministers in Lima, Peru. It has been a true joy to watch from a distance (although a few of us went there this year and saw first hand!) how God is using Kari in a cross cultural context. Kari will be the first tell you she is just simply willing and everything else good has come from God. But that is the point, she is willing!

However, my casual blogging eye has noticed over the past year that Kari Shirk rather enjoys wearing costumes. I suppose as a first grade teacher visuals are an important tool. But maybe it is all just an excuse to dress up (insert smiley face). Here are some classic Kari photos from her blog from 2012. Thank you for being willing and Merry Christmas Miss Kari! 

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