Children Are A Heritage From The Lord

Patch Club 1

All of our hearts are heavy from the news of this past week. Unspeakable evil invaded all of our worlds. Children are precious, even more, they are a heritage according to the Word of God (Ps. 127). Children represent to us that life goes on and one generation leads us to another. This is supposed to be the natural order of things. Those who come after us are not supposed to depart before us. Our collective hearts break at the interruption of this order.

Speaking to this “order” Psalm 78 declares; “That the generations to come might know them, the children who would be born, that they may arise and declare them to their children, that they may set their hope in God.” This is how it is supposed to be. God is the God of generations and He has taught us to impart something of ourselves into the next generation. Namely, our faith in Him. We are supposed to give meaning and purpose of life to children, not take it from them.

Patch Club 2This past Sunday evening our children’s ministries went on with a renewed sense of appreciation. God has called us to pass on something of our faith to the children He has entrusted to us. Now, more than ever, we want to be faithful to that.

The Patch the Pirate Club held their annual Christmas Party Sunday evening. But this year the kids are sharing Christmas with kids in Togo, Africa. Each Patch child was asked to bring a gift to share with another child half a world away. The Kosiorek family, from Grace,  has been called by God to go to Africa to share their faith with the Togolese. When they go they will not only share Christ they will share Christmas with Togolese children. Because they, and our children, want to pass on the love the Christ.

Children are a heritage from the Lord.Stroud Crew There are a blessing and a deposit on the promise that God will show His works from generation to the next. Let us take stock in this, this Christmas season. Give thanks to God for kids and then do what you can to give meaning and purpose of life to them. God chose us (adults) to pass on His story, His works, His promises, His hope in this broken world and His salvation through His Son. Don’t take a pass on this.

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