Peace, Hope & Joy!


Grace will be hosting 3 performances of the Christmas Cantata “Peace, Hope & Joy” Friday December 21st (7:00pm) and Sunday December 23rd (10am & 6pm) with a 60 voice choir.  But there may be one voice during these presentations that will be heard above all others, and appropriately so.

That voice belongs to Mary Stryker. She will share her testimony via video shot earlier this year that will share a clear gospel. Mary is nearing the end of her battle with cancer. God has demonstrated incredible grace in Mary’s life and Mary has demonstrated incredible faith through her difficult journey. Such a combination cannot help but be powerful.

Peace, Hope & Joy could not be more fitting title for this Christmas presentation. Fantastic songs along with a humbling and powerful testimony will combine to communicate the reason for the season.

You will not want to miss this presentation. You will also not want to miss the opportunity to have someone you know and love hear it as well! Here is an invitation you can share with someone you know!

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