Grace In The News

Last week found our ministry in the news (sort of) twice.

The first, was in regard to our hosting the H.E. Turner “Service of Remembrance” for the Turner piccommunity Thursday night. Over 300 people from the Genesee County area are expected to gather in our new worship center for a special memorial service. That service will feature all three pastors from Grace, Ben Heale, Martha Woodruff and Eric Kosiorek.  Here is a link to the article from the Batavia Daily News.

We trust our facility, staff and volunteers will be a blessing to our community Thursday evening!

If you wish to attend please contact H. E. Turner’s to register.

The second, was in regard to JD Barrett, long time member at Grace. JD made a splash in the news with his 87th canoe voyage of his 87th year! You can read about it here from Jami  Bartz’s father Jim Nigro or watch this short video from Channel 10 out of Rochester, NY.

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