Parent Connect – Advent Ideas

I’m sensing a growing interest among parents, especially those with younger children, in incorporating  an “Advent” approach of some sort into their family life this time of year. Traditionally speaking, the practice of Advent is not a common one in Baptist circles. There is, however, value from my perspective with emphasizing the Scriptures in conjunction with counting down the days to Christmas with our children. After all, the birth of Christ is so rich with theology. This theology is ripe for eager ears who are excited for the impending holiday. So I say, take advantage, dad and mom, of creative ways to share Scriptures and teach theology that will bury deep in the heart of your child the true meaning of Christmas!

I’ve linked two pdf documents to assist you in this. The first is geared toward families
with younger children. This is a series of Scriptures readings (most are just a verse or two) for each day in December up till Christmas Eve. The second, could be for older kids (although not necessarily). This is a list of 24 great truths about Jesus with a verse (or two) that teach this truth.

1. Family Advent Reading

2. 25 Truths About Jesus

One creative way to do this with your child(ren) is to use a baking pan with 24 “spots.” adventCover each spot with the day of the month. Inside place a piece of candy or some small favorite item and a piece of paper with the Scripture reading on it. Your child(ren) will be excited  each day to open up that day and you get an easy opportunity to share Scripture for 24 days with them! (Thanks to Lori Childs for the baking pan idea!) 

Now just because a baking pan is involved does not exempt dads from leading here. Yes, mom can prepare the Advent “craft” but dad you can open each day with your child and read the Bible with them.

Trust this Christmas season will be a blessing for you as a parent, especially as you teach great truth your children about the reason for the season!

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