New Feature At The Blog – Bulletins & Calendars Page

Realizing “Where People Are” we are adding a new feature to the blog; a calendars and bulletin page. This page will serve as a static home for the latest bulletins, calendars, and nursery-greeter-music schedules. I will post these items here (on this page) as an active post but also place them on the new “static” page. That way you can always come to blog and know right where to find this information.

Here is how that works. If you look just below the picture of the church you will see page tabs. Just click the Bulletins & Calendars tab and you will go to a page that will contain links to all of this information.

You can either click below, or try going to the new page and click there to see the following:

Here is this week’s bulletin. 12-2-12

Here is this month’s calendar. December 2012 Calendar

Here is the December Nursery schedule Nursery Schedule December 2012

Greeter and music schedules will be added soon.

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