The Cheers Of Adoption

This is a most profound truth of life; we who deserve nothing get everything. A poor lot, destitute in and of ourselves, we are beggars of heaven invited to belong to God. Why? Because He loves kids. Kids who will love Him in return as Father. This is the picture of the great teaching of adoption seen in the Scriptures. Those who were once far from Him, are brought near by the effectual sacrifice of God’s only Son, Jesus. God gave His only One to gain the millions. He loves children that much.

Greg & Holly Reinhardt love children too.

Greg & Holly Reinhardt as they departed for Ethiopia.

So much so, they flew half-way around the world for the opportunity to gain 2. They are in Ethiopia this week for a court appearance to finalize the adoption of two children. Two children that they have never met, know nothing about, yet they somehow love.

Here is an email sent by Holly. You can sense the love and excitement of an impending  adoption.

Hi from Ethiopia Pastor Hurlbut! We are having an awesome time in Ethiopia, embracing the culture and all that is Ethiopian. Today we went to cultural training, and learned history, etc. And we went to the Ethiopian national museum. We are not on our own, we have an awesome guide from Bethany who takes us everywhere. We met our kids yesterday, there are no words. Still processing everything! As soon as we walked in, they came right up to us and gave us hugs. So we are not supposed to tell them, but we are thinking they knew who we are. Tomorrow we attend court, and Friday we get to see the kids again, before flying home! Holly and Greg

Imagine what God must feel like when the time has come for someone who does belong to Him are just days away from becoming His child by adoption through Jesus. We know heaven gives great cheers every time another joins the family.

Shhh…quiet…I can almost hear Greg & Holly giving a great cheer all the way from Ethiopia.

One thought on “The Cheers Of Adoption

  1. So excited for those two children! They are getting amazing, godly parents and an opportunity to grow up in a loving christian home…praise the Lord for His goodness!

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