2012 “Best Of The Blog” Alive But Not Arrived

Another post resulting from our Open House May 20th. This one focuses on the “cardboard testimonies” that were a part of that special service – a powerful testimony to our guests that day!

Alive But Not Arrived

On Wednesday evening of last week, Doris Hurlbut prayed the following prayer; “God help us to convey to those who will come into this building that we have not arrived but we have been made alive.” We concluded our Open House service with something called cardboard testimonies to illustrate we have not arrived but we have been made alive, to a full church on Sunday. What are cardboard testimonies? They are short, succinct testimonies written on a piece of cardboard that summarize who we were before Christ and who we are after coming to Christ. Person after person simply walks out on the platform and displays their testimony without saying a word. These testimonies were a powerful message of why our ministry exists; changed lives. 44 individuals from Grace shared their testimony on cardboard to a fully attentive and teary eyed audience. Here are a few pictures from that portion of the service.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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