2012 “Best Of The Blog” When You Hear The “C” Word – Kailee Bridges

The post I was going to post yesterday has instead turned into this one.

3 months ago I wrote about my personal experience of hearing the “C” word;
cancer. For me it turned out to be a false alarm. I wrote how that is not the case for everyone. Little did I know 2 months later that cancer would indeed come to our family. In the most unlikely of all places though; my 19 year old niece, Kailee Bridges.

Kailee was diagnosed with Osteo sarcoma just a few weeks ago. Osteo sarcoma is an aggressive bone cancer that in Kailee’s case is rooted in her pelvis. This makes Kailee literally a 1 in a million person. Less than 1,000 people in United States get this exact cancer annually.

Here’s the thing, not only is Kailee just 19 she is also 28 weeks pregnant.

Kailee married Justin Bridges this past spring. Both Kailee and Justin serve in the Marine
Corps. They had a quick ceremony before Justin was deployed to Japan while Kailee remained in North Carolina.  A few weeks later Kailee knew she was expecting.

Now here is the God part. Kailee began suffering with lower back pain which for months was attributed to the pregnancy. The pain, however grew worse and worse. By the time Kailee came back home for a baby shower here at Grace the pain was unbearable. Her parents Dean & Kerri took her to the emergency room where two MRI’s later they found a tumor in her pelvis roughly 30 inches in total mass. Where is God in that you ask?

She was home. Kailee’s baby shower was originally scheduled for mid-January. But God

Kailee with her brother Josh.

graciously ordained a schedule change that brought her home right at the point when the tumor would be discovered. She will now be treated at Strong Hospital in Rochester NY. Which means she will remain home where her family can be with her and her husband, Justin, was brought here by the Red Cross and will be allowed to stay with her. Only God could orchestrate that.

Kailee has a long hard battle in front of her. Cancer has declared all out war on this Marine. Picking a fight with a Marine is most often unwise.

The cancer has metastasized already to her lungs and the tumor is actively growing. This is not allowing time for Kailee to wait to deliver her baby girl, Lilly Sue. She will go through her first round of chemo with Lilly in her womb. The battle is on, but God is good.

Psalm 27 has been on the Bridge’s heart. The Psalm begins: “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life.” And it concludes “Wait on the Lord and be of good courage, He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the Lord!”Sounds like a good battle plan.

Pray for God’s sustaining grace and presence for the Bridges family. Pray that Kailee, Justin and eventually Lilly would know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that they would be filled with the fullness of God. The very God who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we ask or think even when we hear the “C” word.

13 thoughts on “2012 “Best Of The Blog” When You Hear The “C” Word – Kailee Bridges

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  2. as someone fighting breast cancer all I can say is find your faith in god and fight fight fight…I know my cancer is so different then yours but we are all in a fight!!! I will pray for your beautiful family everyday!! Its nice to know a little town will pull together..I now live in Biglerville Pa and our town has rallied around me to make my fight easier!! STAY STRONG MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN!! Formally Perry NY resident!!

  3. Many thoughts and prayers for you Kailee along with Justin and Lilly and your families……I have personally seen the miracles that God can provide so I promise you are in excellent hands….Many thoughts and prayers coming your way. Prayer is certainly a miracle in it’s self….God Bless…xoxoxo
    Lots of Love & Prayer
    Denise Bull

  4. We know your family through our old church in warsaw ny, and when we heard about the c word you and your family have been in our daily prayers and our church’s prayers as well. Keep your faith strong, god always prevails and he is good!!!! God Bless you and many more prayers will be sent your way!!!1

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