Parent Connect – Expecting Moms, A New Baby, iPhones And Kids And More!

High Expectations!

During the building of our new 1,700 square foot nursery and pre-k center, I kept half jokingly telling young families “if we build it we need to fill it.” Apparently several responded to that challenge (including my own!). Boy, (and girl) will we be filling the nursery! We praise the Lord for the abundance of expecting moms. Update: Charissa, pictured on the far left, delivered her baby boy last night! Congratulations to DJ & Charissa!  Here, hot off the press, is a picture of Merik…

Pastor Shirk forwarded this article from Russell Moore to share here at Parent Connect. This is something for Christian parents to think and pray through.

Here’s what I just don’t understand: the trend among professing Christian families to give their pre-teen children iPhones and iPads or their equivalent devices, with unrestricted Internet access. Read the rest of the article here. 

I had the joy of speaking (or maybe it was corralling?) to the PeeWee Club last Sunday evening. A couple of takeaways:  1. We are blessed with a bunch of wonderful and energetic children to minister to! 2. We have dedicated leaders who sacrifice missing the evening service almost every week to minister to these children. So give thanks to God for this wonderful ministry called PeeWee Club.

Have a great parenting weekend! 

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