Parent Connect – Claudia Shirk In Peru, Birth Rates And “The Parent Rap”

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Since this is a post about parenting and parents; Claudia Shirk recently visited her daughter Kari in Peru. Kari serves there as a missionary. Here a few pictures. Head over to Kari’s blog to see much more!

Birth rates are down, well sort of, in the US

Birth rates are down in the US according to the CDC. Perhaps more alarming is that birth rates are going up among unmarried women. 40.7% of babies being born in the US are born to unwed moms. Birth rates are also up among older woman. Women over 35 are having more babies as a percentage each year while women under 35 (including teens) are having fewer as a percentage.

What to make of all this? There are many reasons for these statistics. One obvious one is the issue of marriage or the lack of it (leaving aside the teen component). Fewer and fewer young adults are choosing to marry. They are not choosing to be less active sexually, but they are “putting off” the big commitment. This reflects in not only the birth rate of unwed moms but also in the higher birth rate of older women. They are marrying later (if at all) and having children later.

Children have taken a back seat to finances (college debt!) career pursuit, and seeking fun before being tied to kids. The Bible says that children are heritage from the Lord. Americans however seem more concerned with the “now” than a heritage.

I purposely placed this video at the end of the post. Chris Brown, you know the missionary Chris Brown, is my source for this. The Parent Rap.

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