Giving Thanks

November is the month for giving thanks. This month will also serve as a time to give thanks to you; blog readers and subscribers. Back in January I set a goal (as if one really can with the internet) for traffic to this blog. Guess what? It is only the beginning of November and the “goal” has been reached. By the end of this year traffic will have tripled from last year! So thank you!

As way of giving thanks all this month we will revisit the “best of” from the blog this year. As I put this together I realized the true giving of thanks goes to God. These posts (most of them) should serve as a reminder of God’s goodness over the past year. He has been good, He always is!

Here is how we will approach this. Today a few random facts about the blog and the most listened to message from this past year (and all time!). Next week Monday through Friday we will post the 5 most viewed videos from 2012. The following week the top 5 posts that dealt with non-church related events and Thanksgiving week will feature the top 5 church related posts. After Thanksgiving we will wrap up with a few surprise posts, including what will be a surprising “post of the year.”

So enjoy some trips down memory lane all this month!

Nearly 1,400 times this year someone has checked out our service schedule.

There have over 4,000 Google searches that have led people to our blog. 

Here is the most listened to message this year: Ben Heale “Contentment.” Ben must have a lot of friends to run up the traffic this message got!

I’ve posted along these lines before; here is a list of all the countries that people have visited our blog from. The list is in order of most to least traffic. Who knew Grace had such an extensive international ministry? Click here to see the colorful list.

Coming later today: The “best” Friday Frivolity of the year!

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