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Bring a friend night at Patch Club this Sunday! 

This week I wish to take a moment and focus on children’s literature -a subject I know very little about! With my son turning 5, however, it will not be long and he will take up an interest in consuming information and entertainment “on his own.” Filling our children’s minds with God honoring words and images is a huge task for parents. Let me recommend 3 resources for you that I plan to use.

1. Our church library! Take a few moments as a parent and familiarize yourself with the free and convenient books and videos we have right here.

2. Lamplighter Publishing is led by a friend of our ministry, Mark Hamby. The books, videos and radio productions produced by this ministry are geared towards “forming character one story at a time.” This is a safe place to purchase products that you can have confidence in as a Christian parent.  (BTW – we have a link to Lamplighters on the right hand side of our blog for future reference.)

3. Redeemed Reader. This blog is for the more serious literary minded parent. Reviews of  both Christian and secular books for children, interviews with children’s authors (Christian authors) and articles about the children’s literary genre. There is a strong reformed presence here but that will not interfere with the pluses a parent can get by being informed on current events in children’s books.

Here are the take home papers from last Sunday. Take a moment, connect with your child and review what they are learning here at church.

10 21 CC Magazine  10 21 Pre-Primaries

10 21 Primaries   10 21 3rd & 4th grade

10 21 5th Grade

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