Grace Hosts Regular Baptist Press Conference

The Sunday School ministry has taken its fair share of hits through the years; but if done well the Sunday School serves as a strategic ministry to grow better disciples. We here at Grace are committed to more and better disciples. We see what we call Sunday School & LifeChange (adults) as a key tool to help us achieve the Lord’s clear departing instructions “teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded.”

That is why we hosted churches from all across western New York this past Saturday for a day of high “impact” training in Bible teaching. Alex Bauman and Andrea Chamberlain from Regular Baptist Press led nearly 80 participants in two simultaneous day long conferences; “Impact Teaching” for adult teachers and “Sowing Seeds of Faith” for children’s teachers. They each did a fantastic job of sharing ideas and strategies to help teachers teach more effectively. We believe effective Bible teaching is critical for the health of a local church.

Of course an event like this doesn’t happen without a committed team of servants who helped meals and breaks happen. Thank you to all our volunteers for the day!

Enjoy some pictures from Charissa Tosh of the day.

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