Thinking Deep, Praying Deeper

If God could break into your world and do one miraculous “God thing” what would it be? That is thinking deep. Now once you have in mind one miraculous thing write it down and begin praying for it and don’t stop. That is praying deeper.

Our Sunday morning LifeChange group is challenging ourselves with what I’m calling BHAP; Big Holy Audacious Prayers. Mark Batterson in his book “The Circle Maker” puts it this way; “Bold prayers honor God and God honors bold prayers.

This is not a “name and claim it” approach to prayer. We may be naming it but we will completely leave the results to God.

There are two common flaws in our approach to prayer. First, we ask not (James 4:2). How much glory are we robbing God of by not asking for Him to be Him and to do what He said he will do in our world? Second, we ask amiss (James 4:3). How many prayers do we pray that are more about our desires than God’s will? James instructs us in this principle, the effective (being in line with God’s will) fervent prayer (asking!) of a righteous (that is us in Christ) man avails much.

Do you want to see God move in your world? Try praying a BHAP. Big, because God is big and can do big things. Holy, because we pray for His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  Audacious, because Jesus tells us to not stop asking. Prayer, because wishes will not move any mountains.

Think deep, and pray even deeper!

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