“When I Grow Up I Will Be A Man Like Ben”

Oh, the things that come out of the mouths of children. My 4-year-old son Ryan went with me to greet Ben Stryker at the Buffalo airport earlier today (along with several others from GBC). Ben returned home after serving our country in Afghanistan for the past year. Ryan’s comment on that experience, “When I grow up I will be a man like Ben.” Well, we’ll see, but for now we are excited and proud to have Ben back home with us for few days. Here is a short video of Mary, Ben’s mom, and Sam, his sister, seeing him for the first time since leaving for Afghanistan, followed by some pictures courtesy of Denny Morrill.

3 thoughts on ““When I Grow Up I Will Be A Man Like Ben”

  1. Thanks for sharing the video and the pictures for us who could not be there! It was nice to be able to share this event in this way! We are so proud of Ben and are so appreciative of the sacrifices of both Ben and the Styrker family!!!!! Thank you!!!! May God bless you!!!!!

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