Weekend Edition

The weekend is here and so is the inaugural version of Weekend Edition at the blog. Enjoy!

Here is the bulletin for Sunday    Here is the current Guest Ministries schedule

A brief reminder from CCEF on how waiting plays a role in our sanctification.

Kosiorek’s September Update Letter. They will be presenting and updating their call to Togo this Sunday night at Grace!

Here is the latest from Andrew Comings church plant ministry in Brazil. Take time to pray for Andrew and his family this weekend.

The “buzz” in the “concerning Christian’s” world this week was that Jesus had a wife. Of course he didn’t, but a Harvard professor posesses a piece of paper (fourth-century codex in Coptic to be proper) that purportedly has Jesus saying He had a wife. Here is an excellent; concise article that gives some level-headed thinking to the matter.  Jesus had a wife?

Friday Frivolity

A merry heart does good…

Upfront I admit this version of Frivolity may only appeal to theologians and grammarians…but hey, its Friday, why not.

The following are real (like really real because the guy I got them from said they were) sentences submitted by Bible college students.

Enjoy…er…try and understand the wisdom they are expounding.

  • “Until the Industrial Revolution, the majority of Americans held on to the sacred ideas of individual salvation and limited government.”
  • “I myself have been subject to not always understanding text of the Bible in a more sufficient way due to my mind set.”
  • “This was an interesting read. It made me look deeper than I generally care to look at things.”
  • “I relish in this statement because it gives me justification and clarity for something I already believed before hand.”
  • “Marcus Borg almost sounds sure that the bibles parables aren’t literally true. I don’t want to call him arrogant, but he sure seems to be.”
  • “I don’t believe the purpose of Genesis is to create some sort of family tree to trace us all back to God.”
  • “I think sometimes people use the lack of evidence to try and disprove an idea.”

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