Exciting Announcements!

We covered the fact that my wife and I are expecting our sixth child last week…soooooo….this is a completely different kind of exciting announcement which is actually several announcements related to the blog.

The first announcement. Our services will now be online in video format. In fact, they will be available right here at the blog or on our website.  A caveat though, we are new at this so we will be working in the coming weeks and months at improving your experience of being able to watch our services online.  Thanks for your patience. (The first video will post a little later today…normally we will try to have them posted by Sunday night.)

The second announcement. Parent Connect will now become a feature of this blog. Parent Connect is a weekly post that will provide resources (pdf’s of your children’s take home papers etc, children’s ministry info and updates) and encouragement in the great task of parenting.

The third announcement. Friday’s at the blog will now feature something called Weekend Edition. Weekend Edition will consist of links to interesting articles (or at least one’s that I think you might think are interesting), links to our missionaries and their latest news, bulletins/calendars/schedules, and of course Friday Frivolity!

We trust these enhancements will be a blessing to you along with providing tools and opportunities for you to share our ministry with others!

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