Evil’s Hurry-Up Offense

(Editorial comment: 1. This post was originally written on Thursday 2. The intent of this post is not to jump on a fear wagon but to take the occasion to remind ourselves the real war is not against flesh and blood.)

I stepped out on the proverbial limb the other day and wrote a piece on 9-11 and why it matters. My thesis was (and is) 9-11 will be viewed in the future as a historical marker for a significant season of upheaval (and from my chair advancement of evil) both in societal terms and in world affairs. Evil became more bold and thus more mainstream with 9-11.

Today I open my inbox and two stories advance my thesis .

First is the ongoing unrest in the middle east. This blog does not have as its purpose to expound and chronicle these issues; but suffice it to say 9-11 was just the “beginning” of what will be a long tussle with elements of Islam.

Second, was  a blog post from “Church & Culture” which we occasionally place articles from in our Sunday bulletin. This is an article about the slippery slope we are on as a society. Seems as though a popular movie director has a film out about incest and whether it is right to judge such a thing. If gay marriage is ok; then logically speaking  incest should be too? You might think, oh no way we will ever embrace that as a society. Hmmm…didn’t we all say that about gay marriage 15 years ago? (update: Fox News today (Friday) has on their home page this very issue of incest and can it be accepted)

Click here to read the article …although I caution the article has disturbing quotes from the director….read with maturity.

Time is running out on the Evil One. When a football team who is behind realizes time is running out, they often switch to a strategy called the hurry-up offense.  They begin attacking at a faster pace and with more aggressive plays  to try to snatch victory from defeat. 9-11 may be seen as the moment in time evil switched to a hurry-up offense.

Enough…back to regular stuff your used to here.

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