The Day They Booed God

This past week Americans actually booed God. Thousands of them in fact at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is no surprise. Not that it took place where it did, but that it happened. Quietly for decades now, God has been booed. He was asked to leave the schools. He was asked to leave town & village meetings. He was asked to leave stores at Christmas time. He has been pushed aside in our military. Long ago he was asked to leave our dinner table conversations. To be fair he has been asked to leave many our churches too! So we should not be surprised that a major political party would ask him to leave too. But the fact the booing became a public cacophony could prove a seminal moment in our nations history.

Most Americans consider themselves a person of some level of faith. It has been simply uncouth to say; “I’m against God.” You just don’t boo God in public; even if you don’t like him. Until this week.

When the Democrat Party realized dropping God and Jerusalem (hmmm…those 2?) from their party platform was not good public relations, they quickly moved to invite him back. By what clearly sounded like half of the faithful members in attendance, God was told no thank you, and booed.

The façade that is the philosophy of tolerance was on full display, again no surprise, afterall tolerance really has been about freedom from God. Truth is…God is the tolerant one. And it is a good thing He is longsuffering right about now, but he will not be forever.

I post this video of the motion to reinstate God and Jerusalem in the party platform not to be critical of the Democratic Party (there are plenty of Republicans who don’t care for God either) but to expose the reality of our culture. We really are saying no God and booing him in front of the world. BTW…I find the video kind of funny too…the delegates clearly did not pass the motion but in politics that doesn’t matter.

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