5 Reasons To Enjoy “Back To School.”

Originally posted on GBC’s myparentconnect blog

I heard someone recently comment; “The first day of school should be called Parents

Pembroke School Superintendent (Grace Baptist Sunday School Superintendent!) Matt Calderon with some of his children earlier today -the first day of school.

Independence Day”, and that was a dad speaking! The first day of school brings a range of emotions. Being a parent myself I thought I would chime in here with some thoughts on the what is known as “Back to School” week. So here are my top 5 reasons to enjoy this time of year:

5. The change of weather. September brings a segue from long hot summer days to the cool fresh air of fall. To which my wife ads; “Fall means pumpkin spice coffee.” Ahhhh…love the change in seasons!

4. The annual reminder of life’s progression. Graduations, holidays and this time of year serve as annual markers of the passage of time. One year has passed and another begins with the hope and expectations of what the Lord has ahead. And that is a good thing. The Psalmist says it this way; “Teach us to number our days!”

3. The house stays cleaner between 8am and 3pm. Or perhaps better said, it doesn’t get any messier. You didn’t think we would get all the way through this without something like this did you?

2. Learning. While godly parenting never takes a break (at least it shouldn’t!) back to school can refocus us as parents on the important role of guiding our children in the area of learning. Whether homeschooled, in private school or public school, the responsibility we have as parents is to see our children pursue wisdom.

1. Routine. Routine, routine, routine. Kind of becoming routine isn’t it? Summer is fun for the temporary and somewhat undisciplined approach to home life. Even fun, believe it or not, can grow wearisome after a while, and we begin to long for the structure that school year brings.

Trust the routine of this new school year finds you experiencing the joy of training up your child in the way they should go. Happy “Back to School Week!”

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