Shirks Honored For 25 Years Of Ministry At Grace

This past Sunday was another special Sunday at Grace Baptist. The church honored Senior Pastor Donald Shirk and his wife Claudia for 25th years of faithful ministry in Batavia, NY.

In early August 1987, the Shirk’s arrived in this small western New York city to a church that with an average attendance of 2 for children’s church. Today, 25 years later, the church has grown to over 300 in total attendance and nearly 30 in children’s church.  Pastor Shirk and Claudia have bloomed where God planted them!

The anniversary morning began with a worship service featuring guest speakers Dr. Tom Melzoni, Vice President and Senior Consultant with Generis and Dr. Jim Vogel the State Representative for the Empire State Fellowship of Regular Baptists. Associate Pastors Mark (Doris) Hurlbut along with Jeff (Jami) Bartz shared remarks and presented a gift to the Shirks. Kenn Fillion on behalf of the congregation presented the Shirks with a travel voucher.

A fellowship time in the newly remodeled old sanctuary followed the worship service. The morning concluded with special video testimonies from family and friends as well as testimonies from many members of congregation.

We praise the Lord for the Shirk’s and their faithful and sacrificial ministry! Enjoy some photos courtesy Charissa Tosh from the 25th celebration. Click on any picture for a larger view and sideshow.

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