Friday Frivolity – Shirk Style

A merry heart does good…

This weekend marks the 25th anniversary of Don & Claudia Shirk as Pastor and wife here at Grace Baptist. Even though we are looking forward to giving honor and praising God for them Sunday; we here at the blog can’t wait. So… here is a little advance frivolity. Enjoy this picture from 25 years ago. Who’d a thunk this guy would end up being the wonderful pastor he is?

2 thoughts on “Friday Frivolity – Shirk Style

  1. When I viewed this pic of Pastor, as a very young Pastor, I see potential, because of willingness, to serve, humility to change and grow, to bring glory to God. Over the years I have know him, we see the love of Christ, and the goal to help all others grow/reach their potential, by stretching himself and providing leadership/opportunities, to stretch others as well. Thank you Pastor, and may God bless your milestone of service with many more years. PTL! for Pastor Shirk!

  2. I remember Pastor Shirk’s big foofy wave! He should bring that back!
    I’m thankful for a great pastor who’s commited and genuine and loves his people.
    And I’m thankful that I got to grow up hearing God’s Word from out of Pastor Shirk’s mouth every week for most of my life. It’s been life-changing. I pray that my children get to experience the same blessing I did.

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