Friday Frivolity – Olympic Style

A merry and inspired heart does good…

Normally Frivolity brings a lighter and humorous tone to the blog. Not this week. This week we are inspired by the Olympics. In honor of the event that captures most everyone’s attention for a few short days we post 2 videos.

The first video takes us back to Barcelona, Spain 1992. The year my daughter who is getting married next week was born! Try to keep a dry eye and be inspired by the heart and determination of this Olympic athlete.

The second video is in honor of my wife, a former gymnast. At the risk of having my rights and privileges of mandom revoked; I will say, this was an inspiring example of guts, toughness, and clutch performance.

In the time interval between Strug’s two vaults, she asked, “Do we need this?” Karolyi (the coach) replied, “Kerri, we need you to go one more time.  We need you one more time for the gold. You can do it, you better do it.” Strug thus limped slightly to the end of the runway for her second attempt. The rest, as they say, is history.

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