Sowing Serious Seeds And Being A Blessing

I was on the move from Kari’s classroom over to the chapel Friday morning at Monterrico Christian School when one of the teachers stopped me. He said “Pastor, I’m so glad I caught you. You and your team have sown some serious seeds here this week.” Bingo! Mission accomplished I thought to myself. He went on to say “We have been praying for this one couple. Their son is in my class and he got saved a month ago, but his parents are not walking with God. They went to your conference, both nights, and they said they see now the changes they need to make. Pastor this is huge!” This is just one of many testimonies we have been hearing this week.

The entire team has ministered with great enthusiasm and energy over the course of the past 9 days. Every one of them has been willing to do whatever has been needed to be done to minister. The team has been a blessing to youth groups, at worship services, the school, the children’s home in the desert, the marriage conference, the pregnancy center, the orphanage, in chapels, and with Compassion International. We especially trust we have been a blessing to Kari Shirk and the team of missionaries she serves with here! They have opened up their hearts and ministries to us this week.

The team knows we have been prayed for! We also have experienced first-hand how your generosity has been used to impact lives now and in the future here in Lima. Thank you for your partnership with us!

We get one shot at this thing called life. Sow some serious seeds and be blessing with it!

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