Peru Crew Day 6 Your Donations Arrive At The Pregnancy Center

Before coming down here to Lima we promoted our visit to the Vida Nueva Pre Natal ministry run by Evelyn Stone (the Stones were at our church last year) on our trip. We also asked you to give and help us provide diaper bags to moms who were expecting. These are moms who would be receiving biblical counseling during their pregnancy. Here is the fruit of your generosity.

We received a tour of the center and learned about how God uses this center to see about 100 women come to Christ every year.

Then we packed diaper bags full of baby clothes and other infant supplies. The volunteers gave us two big thumbs up!

Here is a video of the volunteers seeing your donations.

Here the team holds 8 fully loaded bags outside the clinic. These bags are given to moms at a baby shower the center has for them. This commemerates they journey from considering abortion to celebrating being ready to give birth. Thank you Grace for your generous love.

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