Peru Crew Day 6 A Visit To The Orphanage

Thursday evening we headed south out of Lima past Inca burial grounds to the city of Pachacmac. Our journey took to us to visit an orphanage connected with the principal of Monterrico Christian School. These are children who are rescued out of difficult situations and given a chance to make something of their lives as (Lord willing) Christians.

On Thursday evenings all of the children (21 of them) gather together for devotions. Our team was the devotions! Sam Stryker led the team in presenting a dramatic (well sort of) presentation of the parable of good soil. Pastor Hurlbut shared his testimony and was followed a Peruvian young lady who is studying at a Bible College sharing hers.

Then it was game on! The North Americans took on the Peruvian children. What fun it was to play, hug, and high five with these kids! God has given us so many wonderful, eye opening experiences!

Here is a video of the team joining the children on a traditional Peruvian “fun” christian song.

Here a few pictures from the night.

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