Witnessing On A Bridge In Lima Peru

View of a large cross lit up on the Lima coast.

Street witnessing is normally not my thing. Last night though God had other ideas.

The Peru Crew just finished celebrating a birthday dinner out with a group of Peruvians. The location of our dinner was on the Pacific Ocean in an area of Lima known for attracting artistic/hippie/street vendor types who sell their art/crafts to support themselves. These artists/street people congregate in here in Lima from all over South America.

Our dinner group on a bridge just seconds before I began witnessing to Victor.

As we finished checking out one of the most incredible oceans views in the entire world after dinner; we came across a man named Victor on a scenic bridge. Victor, by night anyway, sells little woven bracelets in this district. I have no idea if he supports himself only from selling these bracelets  or if it is drug money. My guess would be the latter. Victor approached one of the people in our group (this is very common in this area). She did not want to buy from him and instead gave him her leftovers from our meal (something else that is very common in this area). She then asked Victor if he were to die tonight would he know where he would spend eternity. He said he was not sure.

Victor then preferred to discuss these matters with a pastor, not with the lady. Guess what? She just happened to have a pastor with her. Me. She summoned me over; “Pastor would you like to share with this man how he can know for sure where he would spend eternity?” That is like asking my beagle if she wants my meat scraps from dinner. Yes!

Kayla Underwood joined me (a very effective translator!). I explained the gospel to Victor. He readily admitted he was a sinner (a la Ray Comfort). He understood he was separated from God. But, just as we really got to discuss HIS need for Christ as the only way to God he invited his friend over to join us. His friend became a distraction (I believe Victor may have wanted him to hear what I was saying) and most likely was on drugs. He was insistent that he was a great author of books.

I prayed (through translation) with both of these men. Victor gave me a warm hug and expressed, what I believe, was a sincere appreciation for what I had to say.  Kayla had earlier in the day decided to bring a Spanish Bible with her. She wasn’t sure why. Now it was clear why; as she gave it to Victor as we parted.

I believe God is at work in Victor’s heart! Please pray for this young man, that God would not leave him alone and would draw him with His grace.

View of the Pacific Ocean and Lima Skyline.

You just never know when God will give you a chance to share the gospel. Don’t miss those chances, go for them!

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