Peru Crew Day 2 (Sunday)

Day 2 began with worship services. What a blessing to worship with our Peruvian  brothers and sisters in Christ. There is just something about singing and praying (or should I say listening) in another language!

One of the great joys I have experienced in ministry is preaching and teaching of the word to people in other  cultures and languages. I love trusting the Word to do the work and not me! Kayla Underwood shared her testimony during my message and did a great job. I know the Peruvians were blessed to hear her!

Cow heart was the lunch offering of the day. It was actually very tasty! The team experienced an open market in the afternoon. This gave us an oppotunity to hone our barganing skills. Bargaining here is expected and actually quite fun. Sunday evening we headed over to Montericco Christian  School (where Kari Shirk teaches) to set up some projects for the week. The day closed out with the Peru Crew throwing Kari a belated birthday party back at her apartment. During the party Kari shared how thrilled she was to have her home church here…in her world. That is parterning with our missionaries, to be with them in their world.

Here are some pictures from day 2.


A video of worship singing at Vida Nueva Iglesia Bautista (New Life Baptist Church)

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