Peru Crew Day 1

The Peru Crew is up and running …. and running in Lima. God has already allowed us a wide variety of ministry opportunities here. Pictures and stories begin now!

We arrived safely late Friday evening, emphasis on late. The ladies on the team were a 1:30am check in at Kari’s apartment! Saturday morning we got a little look around the coast of Lima in the district of Miraflores. A tasty lunch with traditional Peruvian sandwiches followed. Then off we were to Nueva Vida Bautista Inglesia (New Life Baptist Church).  Once there we help set up for two youth groups. One is NAP (elementary/junior high ages) led by Kari Shirk’s roommate Natalie and a teen/college group that Kari helps lead. For NAP Josh Yuhnke led game time, Martha Woodruff did the Bible lesson and Kayla Underwood helped Kari with worship music. We had a wonderful time ministering to these kids! Fun is spelled the same no matter what language you speak; smiles and laughter!

Here are some pictures from our first day in Peru!

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