Father’s Day At Grace

This has been a special season at Grace. We opened a new worship and concluded and graduated many 2011/12 ministries. Along the way we enjoyed honoring moms, had a visit from the Ransom’s (missionaries to Italy) celebrated our first baptismal service, had a “Nite to Remember”, closed out another wonderful Patch the Pirate & PeeWee Club year, and graduated a ReMission class. God has been good (despite us!) and he has been at work in many lives.

It is high time to catch up on all this. Over the next 3 days we will do just that; beginning today with a look back to Sunday, Father’s Day. Photos are courtesy of Charissa Tosh.

One thought on “Father’s Day At Grace

  1. Sure was another wonderful day in the Lord`s house while revealing some of what God is accomplishing in hearts and lives. Pics and words can`t fully reveal it all, but eternity will tell the full story of what God is doing at Grace, for His glory! PTL!

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