The Fame Of Jesus

I am not an avid reader of blogs, but I do read a few. I’ve noticed other bloggers who are far more proficient and eloquent than I (and have audiences a thousand times larger than this blog) commemorate blog post milestones such as the 1,000 blog etc. I figure, why not join in.

More Than Numbers

This is the 500th post on this blog. What does that mean? On the surface not much, anyone anywhere can post 500 times. So the meaning must be found in something more than numbers. The meaning, I believe, is in what the posts are producing and achieving in terms of its audience.

We’ll start by looking at some facts and figures.

  1. Already this year (4 1/2 months) there has been more traffic than all of last year.
  2. This post will also mark 50,000 visits to this blog. Most of those are regulars, but the traffic has far outpaced the subscription base.
  3. This week alone, people from Singapore, Taiwan, Chile, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Indonesia and Hong Kong (not to mention countries where we have missionaries) have visited our blog. There is an international audience observing our ministry.
  4. Who we are, what we do, and what happens here reaches into countless homes as people share links to this blog through social media sites. Some of the most popular posts on this blog are the ones that spread through social media, drawing outside traffic to our blog.

Where People Are

We cannot choose the era or the cultural milieu in which we live. We live today, in the year 2012, in America. Like it or not (and sometimes I do not) we live in the age of internet and social media. Gone is the era of front porch conversations with neighbors on lazy summer evenings. Instead we post on each other’s wall on Facebook. We communicate through text messages instead of landline phone calls. Most, not all, people spend nearly as much time on their computer in the evenings as they do their TV. In fact, the younger among us DO spend more time on their computer (smartphone etc) than most anything else they do in life.

This is where people are. They are living in an electronically connected world. (My 4 year-old knows his way around a computer and cell phone just fine!) If this is our world, then where should the gospel be?

Jesus Was Where People Were

Jesus put the gospel in front of people and then those people spread that gospel. We see this vividly in the Gospel of Matthew. “And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all kinds of sickness and disease among the people. Then his fame went throughout all Syria…great multitudes followed Him from Galilee, and from Decapolis, Jerusalem, and Judea and beyond the Jordan.”

What do these verses have to do with living in an internet age today? First, notice Jesus took the gospel to where people were. He “went” all around Galilee. Second, not only did He take the gospel to where people are He took the gospel to where it could spread. The Synagogue was the center of culture and communication in Jesus’ day. By preaching and teaching there it was assured whatever His message was would spread. Third, His message was accompanied by ministry to people validating His teaching. He healed broken and hurting lives. It was not just His message that was spread but His ministry with people. Jesus “fame” spread. The name, the message and the ministry of Jesus spread well beyond the locale of his itinerant ministry.

 The Fame of Jesus

Since Jesus is infinitely smarter than us, I’m guessing He knew what He was doing by taking the gospel to where people were in His day. While it is true His fame was short lived while He lived, seeds were planted that would greatly enable the apostles and early believers to begin spreading the church. Did you notice how similar the geography is in Matthew passage to those in Acts 1:8?

Here is the point in all this. 500 posts only means something if it has advanced the fame of Jesus. In the day and age we live in we have the privilege (dare I say responsibility?) to not only share Jesus within the four walls of this church but all the way around the world. Everything in this life is tied to the gospel getting everywhere it is supposed to get before God the Father dispatches Jesus the Son to come for His bride.

If the Lord allows another 500 posts then may this blog ultimately be about the fame of Jesus.

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