A Masyn Grace

    There is the age old debate, does art imitate life or does life imitate art? I would like to posit another query for debate fodder. Does life imitate spiritual reality or does spiritual reality imitate life? What do I mean? Allow me to tell you a brief story about the Mullen family to illustrate the question.

    Chris & Stacy Mullen attended our Love & Respect sessions in the spring of 2009. Stacy grew up at Grace but in the course of life got married, started a family and career and moved on from attending. Chris coached my daughter Alissa in Junior Varsity softball at Batavia so I was thrilled to see them attend. The Love & Respect sessions came and went and soon several months came and went. Then one day my phone rang and it was Chris. Things had fallen apart in his world and he didn’t know where else to turn. A few weeks later on October 8th of 2009 Chris came to saving faith in Christ. Amazing grace had been shown the Mullen family. Chris and Stacy began attending church, they became members and even started serving in one of our children’s ministries. Along came the news that Stacy was expecting! The Mullen’s thought they were all done having children…but God had some more grace in store.

    It was late October and Stacy was not due to have her baby until the middle of November, and once again my phone rang, and once again it was Chris. Stacy had not felt the baby move for a while and her motherly instincts were raised in concern. She contacted her doctor and was told to come in right away. The baby was under some type of duress and the decision was made to move right to a c-section.

Masyn Grace Mullen

    Masyn Grace was born out of adversity. Her first hours of life were tenuous but God had shown the Mullen family His amazing grace before and now He would show it again through their newborn daughter. Out of struggle, pain, and difficulty God breaks through and saves the day. Masyn quickly gained strength and even though she still faces some physical challenges, she continues to get stronger and stronger just as newborn babes are supposed to-just as newborn believers are supposed to.  

    New life had come to the Mullen family spritually and now physically. Back to our query. Does life imitate spiritual reality, or does spiritual reality imitate life? Either way it only made sense that Chris and Stacy would name the new life given to them by God; Masyn Grace.  A Masyn Grace, how sweet the sound!

One thought on “A Masyn Grace

  1. What a privilege and a blessing to see and hear God working in peoples lives! The Mullen family is such a blessing and an encouragement!

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