We Will Give Ourselves To Prayer

Prayer is a spiritual discipline that can easily be neglected. No one intentionally says, “I really want to pray less.” Yet it happens all the time. The same can be true of a ministry. That is why I am grateful for the leadership of our Senior Pastor. From the get go of the building project last summer Pastor Shirk has repeatedly emphasized the foundational verse from Acts 6 “but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the Word.” Those two, prayer and the Word, have to drive our ministry forward. If we neglect either we are playing church instead of being the church.

At every deacon meeting since last summer, we have ventured out to the new building, stood as group and prayed. Last night our wives joined us for special time of prayer in the new auditorium. All 30 of us prayed one by one. We are seeking to give ourselves to prayer. 

It takes initiative and time to pray but we are dead in the water if we don’t. I am grateful for a group of leaders who welcome this discipline and a Senior Pastor who makes it happen. To God be the glory and to God be our prayers.

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