“First Impressions” Training Makes A Lasting Impression

“New people visit your church. And that is a big deal!” This is how Mark Waltz introduces his book “Lasting Impressions.” He is absolutely correct. In my way of looking at things there are three welcomes that matter. The first is a welcome that you receive (or do not!) when you go to a church for the first time. The second is a welcome to membership, once you have committed to Christ and a local group of believers. The third is the welcome to heaven. The first welcome can actually play a significant part in the second two. Here at Grace we sincerely believe that.

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This past Saturday morning 85 folks from Grace attended a workshop put on by Tina Rosenau (a former member of Grace) who leads a “First Impressions” ministry at Parker Hill Community Church in Clarks Summit, PA. Tina has traveled to several churches around the country receiving extensive training in the important ministry of making a great first impression. Tina shared an overview of the First Impressions ministry at Parker Hill along with several helpful ideas on how we can be more effective in making that first welcome one that will lead to the other two!

In anticipation of the opening of our new 16,000 sq. ft. addition we are praying and preparing for God to send many guests our way. The training Saturday went a long ways towards equipping us to be a better host for our God sent guests!

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