The Year In Review

What a year 2011 was for the ministry here at Grace. Let’s just say things don’t look quite the same around here. God has been changing lives and changing the facilities!

It has been quite a year for the blog as well. I quote the Christmas Song Home for the Holidays and say “gee the traffic is terrific!” Since everyone else is doing their “year in review” and “countdowns” so can we. We will chronicle the year at the blog by sharing the top non-church related posts of the year, the top church related posts, the post of the year and throw in the most popular Friday Frivolity just because we can.  Enjoy taking a look back at what was 2011 at the Grace Today blog!

Top Non-Chruch Related Posts of 2011. Interesting how these top three capture three major events of this past year. Facebook/social media, 10th Anniversary of 9-11 and the Royal Wedding.

1. What if Mary & Joseph had Facebook?

I shamelessly stole this off of Facebook from my wife’s co-worker. 40 seconds into it I knew this would resonate with people. Indeed it did to the point of being the top non-church related post of the year (well sort of). Since this just posted we will not re-post it here but give you the link to the original post in case you haven’t seen it yet.


2. A Unique 9-11 Testimony

I forget how I came across this video but I was moved by it. The tenth anniversary of an event that changed the world needed to have the message of the ONE who changes lives as a part of it. Even though it is longer than what I might normally post it is absolutely worth the watch.


3. A Royal Wedding

Not sure how this one made it but it did. A post I wrote about the Royal Wedding this past April of Kate Middleton and Prince What’s His Name. A lighthearted observation of culture mixed with some Eschatology always makes for great post material. So here is the post from this past April:

 Ok, I know I am a guy and that may explain some things. Add to it I am a pastor and that may explain even more. But as I caught snippets of the Royal Wedding this morning between Prince William (does he have a last name by the way?) and Kate Middleton (who officially became Kate something or other…what is his last name?) my mind kept wandering to another Royal Wedding. The Royal Wedding of all Royal Weddings in Revelation 19 between Christ and His church. I couldn’t help but transpose in my mind from the throngs that cheered on this couple to what the scene might be like there in Heaven. Imagine the millions of people present at the wedding feast celebrating the great King Jesus and His bride, the church. If we can get this worked up over an earthly wedding how worked up do you think things will be at that wedding?

We love weddings though don’t we? The pomp and circumstance of weddings capture our minds, and hearts.  The simple beauty of a man and woman becoming husband and wife transcends generations and time like few things in life can. I can’t help but wonder if we are not wired this way because of the greatest wedding that will ever take place one day in heaven. As a bride waits for her wedding day, we too wait to be united with Jesus, and to come back here to earth with Him as He establishes His Kingdom. As we watched Prince William and Kate ride in the carriage to Buckingham Palace to take their place in this earthly line of royalty; what will it be like to ride with Jesus back here to earth to take our place in His royal administration?

As I said, I’m a guy and a pastor so that explains some things. While I find the Royal Wedding that took place today amusing and entertaining. I look forward infinitely more to the amazing and eternal wedding that is to come for those who believe. That belief is not in some fairy tale that supposes a happily ever after ending but a belief in the very real plan of God that guarantees happily ever after to all who are called His bride.

Talk about a honeymoon!

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