The Year In Review: Top Grace Baptist Related Posts of 2011

Yesterday we looked at the top three posts unrelated to Grace. Today we look at the top three directly related to Grace. With out further adieu here they are.

1. Sharpie Sunday

Sharpie Sunday was a unique and memorable day that had many different dimensions to it. It was a testimony to God as we wrote out our gratitude and praise to him all over the floor of the new building. It was a testimony to the workers on the project as they saw the writings as they worked. It was a testimony to one of our Ron McCracken as his granddaughter wrote a memorial to him on the floor. The event made the Daily News and our National Fellowship website. Here is Ted Johnson’s video that captured well that day.

2. No Wonder

Buoyed by an ever increasing subscriber base by the end of year the No Wonder pictures set a one day record for visits to the blog. Here are the links to those pictures that were posted last week.

 No Wonder Pictures

No Wonder Pictures Part 2

3. Groundbreaking/Mother’s Day

Groundbreaking day was a landmark day in the life of Grace Baptist. In what was generally lousy spring weather wise God gave us a glorious picture perfect Mother’s Day to honor moms and break ground for the new building. Here is Ted Johnson’s video from that “glorious morning!”

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