Special Sunday Night At Grace

New ESF State Representative Dr. Jim Vogel and wife Jeannie

This past Sunday night brought two special guests to Grace. Dr. Jim Vogel the new State Representative for our Empire State Fellowship and Don Fenner from Baptist Bible College.

Dr. Vogel, whose ministry officially begins next spring, was in New York for the weekend eyeing possible places for his family to take up residence. Since he was in the neighborhood he thought he would stop by and meet the folks at Grace. Dr. Vogel along with his wife Jeannie received a tour of the new 16,000 square foot addition of Grace that is set to open in the spring. Dr. Vogel addressed the congregation briefly during the evening service sharing his excitement to come to New York and his excitement for what God is doing in Batavia.

Don Fenner of Baptist Bible College

Don Fenner representing Baptist Bible College of Clarks Summit, PA, was the guest of Pastor Jeff Bartz for Youth Group and was also the speaker for the Sunday evening service. Mr. Fenner met with the teens for an hour to encourage them to consider the value of Christian higher education.  For the message Mr. Fenner preached Luke 2:20-35 on the “not normal” beginning to the most extraordinary life of Jesus.

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