“Touching Base” With Pastor Shirk

Senior Pastor Dr. Donald A. Shirk

One of our elementary administrators shared this “funny but sad” story with me this week:

My counselor is posting examples of “good manners” on a wall in the main hall that she received from students.  One of them said, “When you sneeze say ‘ga blech u.'”
 “Ga blech u.” is a profound cultural commentary on the stark absence of God in many children’s lives today. This Sunday and next we are maximizing our opportunity to erase the ignorance of who God is and what He has done for us this Christmas season. Our special Christmas series “Unwrapping the Purpose of Christmas” will build off last Sunday’s emphasis by focusing on the truth that Christmas is not only a time for celebration, but a time for salvation. Then on the 18th in our “No Wonder” presentation, our children will say through music and drama “God bless you!” These are exciting and open opportunities for you to take advantage of in inviting friends and family to hear the true meaning of Christmas!
For more information on the No Wonder Musical click here.

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