The Smell Of Godliness

The Stroud boys enjoying the food. Several dads bring thier sons with them for these special times for just the guys.

A great tunout saw every table full and the buffet empty!

“Pastor Hurlbut says you can just smell godliness with people. I say that to men godliness smells like bacon” quipped Dr. Donald Shirk in a recent sermon. Well, there must have been godliness at Grace Baptist this past Sunday morning because the church smelled like bacon. The annual “Christmas Men’s Breakfast” took place and there was plenty of bacon to go around. 50 men enjoyed the “Best Breakfast in Batavia” cooked and served by some of our Grace guys. After some hearty eating and hearty conversation Dr. Donald Shirk shared devotional challenging the men to be intentional in their pursuit of godliness. If the men pursue godliness the way they pursued the bacon then the future looks good for Grace Baptist.

A special thanks to Brian Paris, Mike Charvella, Pastor Jeff Bartz, Jerry Oltz, Mark Woodruff and Brian Smith for making the breakfast a great time for the guys!

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