First “ETH” Grads Recognized

What do you do when the diagnosis of cancer enters your life? What do you do when as a church several of your members and friends who attend are diagnosed with cancer? You reach out. That is exactly what several in the ministry here have sought to do.

After spending a considerable amount of time searching for materials and resources to reach out to people with cancer turned up little; Gayle Waldron and Pastor Jeff Bartz decided to develop their own. The result was something called “Endurance Through Hope” (ETH).

Just over a week ago the first “graduates” to go through the materials developed by Grace Baptist were recognized during the morning worship service. Pastor Bartz tells the GT blog “Over a year ago four ladies set out on a journey to discover how God might use their interest and passion for cancer patients to shape a ministry at Grace. Gayle Waldron directed the ladies’ energies as they worked hard to grow spiritually and as biblical counselors. Their graduation is a sure milestone for this pioneer ministry at Grace.”

ETH "grads" Colleen Hill, Mary Stryker and Sue Underwood

These ladies are seeking to serve God in the circumstsnces of life in which they find themselves. Colleen Hill works as a nurse in a local hospital. Mary Stryker is the midst of a long term battle with cancer. Sue Underwood has undergone cancer treatments and is currently in remission.

Congratulations to these ladies for their commitment and passion to minister effectively to those who have cancer.

The ETH ministry of Grace Baptist seeks to befriend, assist, and reach out to cancer patients and their families with hope – hope for coping with cancer, hope found in not wasting cancer, and hope that can only be found in the Gospel. If you know of someone with cancer who could use hope, please contact the church office and we will be sure they are connected with an ETH counselor.

Grace currently has another group being trained in the ETH materials as the church seeks to be a source of hope to its community.

2 thoughts on “First “ETH” Grads Recognized

  1. Congratulations to all. Praying God’s favor on this ministry. So many lives are being touched by cancer… it’s about time those same lives got touched (or touched in a new way) by Jesus! Blessings to all and love you, my sister (Mary)!

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